Macfod Nepal

MACFOD NEPAL, a Social Organization

What is MACFOD, Nepal?

 MACFOD, Nepal is a local NGO's with the aim of supporting to the poor and needy people of remote area. The member's of this organization are working in travel trade business and the main source of this organization from their sum profit and donation from their clients specially. 

It was established on 28th April 2004 and doing some activities to provide stationary, health base materials, school uniform and organized general health camp by its internal sources. 

After earth quake, we submit some proposal to our international clients and going to support re-build some school in different district in remote area.  


1. Name  of  NGO :  Multi  Dimensional  Forum  for  Community  Awareness  Nepal (MACFOD,  Nepal)

2. Address:  KMC-29, Kathmandu P .O .Box No:  13607

3. Focal Person:   Basanta Pandit (Chairman)-  9851092610

Lakpa Sherpa (Treasure) 9851191547

 E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. To  conduct  supportive  program  intending  to  support  poverty  reduction  by  devoting  to  the service of  poor, disabled and helpless  people.

2. To conduct health related training, counseling and awareness enhancing programs.

3. T o  conduct  supportive  program  in  education  sector  with  the  aim  of  making  access  of  education  to deprived  children,  youth  and  middle  aged  people.

4. T o  conduct  skill  oriented  program  intending  to  develop  the  expertise  and  skillfulness  of  youth.

5. Make empowerment by conducting the awareness oriented and participative program for the conservation and promotion of environment.

6. To  establish  a  network  of  national  and  international  organizations  for  development  initiatives collaboratively  to  achieve  the  common  goal.

5. NGO Registered: District Adm.  Office, Kathmandu

 Regd. No:  1002 dated on 2061/1/16 (28th April 2004)

6. Date of last renewal: 2072/5/8 

7. Date of Last Audit: F/Y 2071/072 (2014/15 AD)

8. SWC Affiliation No: 32644

9, Banking Arrangements:

Name and Address of the Bank: Nepal Investment Bank, Baneshwor

Account holder's name : MACFOD, Nepal

Account Number : 02801030253772

What MACFOD, Nepal does in Remote Area?

Since our establishment, we are continuously doing some activities in Simigaon, Dolkha. Due to the scenario and condition of simigaon, we choose that places and supporting school dress, stationary, health base materials for 130 students since 2004 and we organized two times general health camp conducted 3 days and 5 days with full equipped doctors team and medicine in simigaon as well.  

We organized some other social activities and make awareness program for youth about health and social responsibility in village community as well, 

After the earthquake, we sent 4144 kb relief goods like as rice, salt, oil, sugar and some tents to simigaon people where benefitted 130 families.  

Our expectation to our valuable and kindly people! 

We have some experience that how to re-build school building in remote area with low cost but quality and standard building as per Govt. code of ethics. We have good connection with required manpower and line agencies. 

Our team also interested to support those needy people and community. We are always ready and contribute our full effort to do something. 

We look forward your good acknowledgment and kind financial support.